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Food hotspots Canggu Bali

Canggu is the place that has THE cutest hotspots when it comes to food. I seriously think that they are so on trend with all the vega/vegan options you can get almost everywhere and with the cute interior it makes all of them a great Instagram spot. Let’s hop into this blogpost to find out more!

Kynd Community

So I think everyone knows this one, it’s the Instagram hotspot when it comes to smoothie bowls not because they are soooo freaking pretty but they also taste ah-mazing! Oh and not to forget they have the cutest pink wall with ‘another day in paradise’ on it. If you’re going to Bali you have to go here!

Give Cafe

This is actually a sister of Kynd Community. Fun fact: I was at the opening day of this and was so excited to be one of their first customers. Besides the wall outside is the cutest rainbow wall I’ve ever seen, this cafe is doing something really good for our community. This cafe is a non-profit cafe that donates everything to a charity at the end of the month. When you order something you’ll get a coin and there will be three boxes at the desk where you can choose between three charities: one for the people, one for the planet and one for the animals. The charity with the most coins at the end of the month will get all the profit! It’s such a great concept and I’m so happy I got to do this! So if you want to have something nice to eat but also want to do something good for the world, make sure to stop by this cute cafe!

Bali Bola

So I wanted to go to this one because of the wall art outside. It says ‘Balifornia Dreaming’ which is SO CUTE!! When I was in Canggu we had like 4 days there so there wasn’t much time to visit all the cute cafe’s around town but when I was on the way back to my hotel I saw the wall and was like ‘huh that looks familiar’ and then I realised it was the wall I was looking for!! So I told Charlotte to stop immediately lol. This was when we just eat at Kynd Community (it’s actually really close to each other) so we weren’t hungry anymore but I couldn’t leave without taking some pics at the this cute wall. All I’ve seen on their Instagram is that they have the prettiest food creations and it’s not only vegan you can also eat some fish dishes!

Old Man’s

I’ve seen this place on many blogs before and was really curious about it, so when we arrived in Canggu the first thing we did was go to the beach and had some lunch here. I loved the vibes here it really felt like surfer’s paradise. They also organise a lot of parties and when we were there, there was a market with all kinds of brands from around town promoting their products. From jewellery, to clothes, to hairbands to bikini’s to food! You could find anything you were looking for. I loved it so much! Also their nacho’s are to die for btw!!

The Fat Mermaid

This restaurant was super close to our stay in Canggu. It actually doesn’t look that cute from the outside but when you go in it feels like you’re in a magical undersea world. The wall with all the flowers/plants is so beautiful and the neon sign is the cutest! We had some really good dinner here and were really surprised it wasn’t so crowded! They definitely deserve more recognition so if you’re in the neighbourhood please go here!

Canggu Fields

This is a cafe we actually ran into when I wanted to go to a store called ‘Les. Basics’. I saw this brand on Instagram and they have the cutest tee’s so I really wanted one (I’m wearing the one I got in the Bali Bola photo’s.) And this place was at the other side of the road in a corner. It looked super cute so we decided to go for it! And I’m glad we did because damn, that avocado toast is the best I’ve ever had!!! Wow. Also the staff was really kind and so nice they really enjoyed serving us. They even got us free iced water which was so kind! Seriously loved this place.

These were all the cafe’s I’ve been to while I was in Canggu. I know there are tons of others and I wish I could’ve visited them all! Have you ever been to one of these? If so, let me know in the comments!


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