What I Did In North Bali

Hi all!

So in my last post, I told you all the things I did in Java. Today I’m telling you all of the beautiful places I’ve been in North Bali.

We went from Java to Bali by boat, it was only a 1-hour trip and it was literally so cheap! I paid € 0,90 for a one way ticket. Insane right?! When we arrived in Bali we still had do drive for 2,5 hours to get to Lovina. Once we arrived at our hotel Taman Lily’s (which I could highly recommend! Such a cute hotel and if you’re on a budget this is perfect! The staff is also really friendly and so helpful.) we went straight to the beach to chill.

I really loved Lovina it’s not as touristy as Ubud or Canggu and the people are really nice. I loved the vibe there, so relaxing and carefree. There were a lot of cute restaurants / bars to have breakfast/lunch/dinner or to just chill at night.

We also met some locals who we hung out with and went to the most beautiful waterfalls. One of them was the Sekumpull Waterfall. It is hidden in the jungle and takes a while to get down there but so worth it! Also make sure you’re wearing good walking shoes because I wasn’t and it gets very slippery out there! The water is also very cold but because it’s so hot it’s nice to cool down. Some people even went swimming but I thought the climb was too hard for me, otherwise I would’ve definitely done it!

I heard that Munduk is also a very nice place to visit, I wish we did but we didn’t have time for that. So if you’re going to North Bali make sure to go there if possible!

Lovina is very popular because of the Dolphins. I love dolphins but the tour boats are chasing them with tons of boats and that’s something that I don’t support, so I didn’t do a trip to see them. I also already have seen dolphins in Croatia the same way with the boats and I never want to do that again.

I loved staying in Lovina and would definitely go back if I’m around! The vibe is very nice and so are the people. I loved that I could actually swim in the sea here because at the rest of our trip in Bali we couldn’t because of the high waves. I think this town is a nice stop to relax if you’re coming from Java and would love to have some days ‘off’ from all the traveling.

When we left Lovina we went to the Nusa Islands which I will tell you about in my next blogpost!


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